"Insightful, imaginative, and inventive, Francine always contributes clear strategic thinking and clever ideas to the projects we work on together"
-- Lee Callister, Executive Producer, Buoyantlife.net
  about me
  how i work

  how i work

I work like a camera lens-carefully focusing in on the subject. Because although I write pieces that have a beginning and an end, the way there is not necessarily linear. In fact, often it's not. Rather, it's a spiral that gradually hones in on what needs to be said in the way that says it best.

Writing is all about putting down your thoughts, taking words away, adding other words-- focusing and refocusing The very first thing I do is listen to what you tell me about the project and what you want to accomplish. That establishes the starting point. From there I take notes, ask questions, research, explore ideas. We work together. The process begins.

I have a strong visual sense and when graphics are involved, I work closely with the designer. Because to tell the story in the best way, words and pictures need to work together. Sometimes that means cutting or changing the copy. Sometimes it's the other way around. In the end-the goal is to communicate the information most effectively.