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TV-HTML. A book on optimizing web site for Internet television. Charles River Media. 1998. Research Associate and contributing author.

 Java Web Magic. A book and CD-ROM for non-programmers which explains Java basics, and shows how to build upon existing applets to add flash and functionality to a Web site. Published by Hayden Books, March 1997. See an applet showcase via the above link.


Tunnel Vision
For David Siegel it's all about seduction

Zig Zag and Xanadu
a chat with Ted Nelson

YarcMan on the Net
meet media man

Java for the rest of us

Hitting for the Fence
the way of LucasArts

Gulch North
multimedia north of the bridge

Burn Your Own
writeable cd-rom drives arrive

Are We Having a Trend Yet?
the birth of electronic publishing

Stereographics adds another dimension

Virtually Disneyland
Siggraph goes for the glitz

Rollin' Out the 'Roms
cd-roms come of age

Webcasting with Streaming Audio
What it is, what it's good for, & how to do it.


Newspaper Columns

Marketing On The Internet


Webcasting with Streaming Audio. This is an article for corporate information specialists explaining how streaming audio works, what it's good for, and what is involved in implementing it in Internet and Intranet applications. It is posted at, a password protected information service accessible by subscription only. April 1997.