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Resume - Lee Callister

Production Credits

Corporate Video

Television Programming
Sometimes Jones. A series of comedy shorts featuring Larry Hankin. Seen on HBO, Campus Network, Nickelodeon, Comedy Breaks, Rock N' America, Foul-Ups, Bleeps and Blunders. CROSSROADS PRODUCTIONS. 1983. Producer.
Dave Brubeck: Live At The Vineyards. A 60 min. Jazz Special which aired on the ARTS Channel as well as national channels in England, Australia, Ireland, and Sweden. VIDEOWEST/ONE-PASS. 1981. Executive Producer.
Backstage Pass (Broadcast Syndication), Take-Off (USA Network), Rock-On (ON-TV), Music News (MTV). Music magazine shows and segments distributed to broadcast, cable, and pay-TV outlets. Incorporated rock-star interviews, documentary and performance footage, and video clips. VIDEOWEST. 1981-83. Executive Producer, Producer, and Writer credits.
Videowest, Best of Videowest. A series of half-hour alternative news magazine shows distributed to public television stations and broadcast locally on KQED, CH. 9. VIDEOWEST. 1979-82. Executive Producer, Producer, and Writer credits.
You Are A Rainbow, (On the Human Potential Movement), Step That Step, (The Reverend Cecil Williams and Glide Memorial Church), The Eagle Has Brought the Message, (American Indians Today). A series of documentaries produced for ZDF (German National Television.) 1975-76. Production Manager/Researcher.
Forty-Seven Cents. Documentary of a land dispute between the US Government and California Indians. Broadcast locally on Ch. 9 and Ch. 2. 1973. Co-producer/writer.

Rock Videos
No One Like You. The Scorpions. (Lieber-Krebs Mgt.) Filmed in 35 mm on Alcatraz. Made heavy rotation on MTV. 1982. Producer.
Animals Medley. David Johansen. (Epic Records) 1982. Producer.
Happy Man. Greg Kihn. (Bezerkley Records). 1982. Executive Producer.

Corporate Multimedia
IA Corporation. An interactive marketing program for use by the company's sales force, it demonstrates the value of a new check imaging service the company offers to banks and other financial institutions. Writer/Producer/Consultant. 1993.
Litton Solid State. An interactive trade show kiosk and a smaller version designed to fit on a floppy disk, with over 40 color photographs, animation, graphics, and text and music. Writer/Producer/Consultant. 1992, 1993.
Electric Power and Research Institute. As a contract writer and video editor for Nolan Productions I played an integral role in creating a 22-laserdisc interactive video encyclopedia of a new clean-coal technology for power plant engineers and designers. It won a silver medal from the New York Film Festival. 1989-92.
The Language Learning Disc. This highly interactive laserdisc guide to learning languages resembled a small feature film in it's complexity, with nearly 60 actors, and 40 locations simulating locales in China, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Argentina. JOAN RUBIN ASSOCIATES. (Realtime Productions). 1985. Production Manager.

Corporate Video
The Synchronized Pool. A marketing video aimed at swimming pool owners, builders, and equipment distributors, explaining how pool owners can make their pool systems more energy efficient by synchronizing all the operating components. PG&E/COHN BUHLER INC. (Crossroads Productions). 1986. Writer/Director.
Carnival MIranda, I can See Clearly Now, Going Up! Wild, Wild West, Going Ape, The Night People, May I Help You? A series of features for an in-house video magazine, ranging from a report on the use of lasers in eye surgery to coverage of an employee appreciation event. KAISER HOSPITALS. 1984-85. Producer/Writer.
Ford Cargo.A series of dealer training and information tapes shot to coincide with the unveiling of Ford's new line of heavy trucks at Sears Point Raceway. FORD MOTOR COMPANY. (Realtime Productions.) 1985. Assistant Director.
Generations. A fund-raising film and a series of PSA's for THE UNITED WAY. 1978. Writer/Production Manger.